The mission of the Center is to sponsor and disseminate leading-edge research on critical topics in business ethics. It provides students, educators, business leaders, and policymakers with research to meet the ethical, governance, and compliance challenges that arise in complex business transactions. The Center strives to have an impact with its research, convening power, and advocacy.


The Zicklin Center supports research that examines those organizational incentives and disincentives that promote ethical business practices, along with the firm- level features, processes, and decision making associated with failures of governance, compliance, and integrity.

Conferences Workshops Seminars

The Zicklin Center sponsors and co-sponsors numerous conferences, workshops, and seminars across all five research pillars.  In recent years, the Center joined Columbia Law School, UCLA Law School, the World Bank Group, the Securities and Exchange Commission, the American Assembly, Rand Corporation, the National Academy of Sciences, and the Center for Strategic and International Studies in hosting events.


The CPA-Zicklin Index of Corporate Political Disclosure and Accountability depicts a strong and growing trend among S&P 500 companies that are placing restrictions on political spending, devising clear policies to govern such spending, and enhancing board oversight of public company engagement in the political process.


The Global Classroom (TGC) is coordinated jointly with leading universities and business schools around the world. TGC is an innovative way of teaching development and globalization in a globalized setting, by linking MBA and MPA programs for case study based learning.


The Zicklin Center has acted as an amicus curiae in U. S. Supreme Court cases, including Citizen United and Caperton Harman Development Corporation.


Giving young leaders a voice in the international development conversation Ideas for Action, a joint program of the Zicklin Center and the World Bank Group, provides students and young professionals from around the world with a unique opportunity to shape the international development agenda.